Masonry Work

Masonry can make a home and/or business go from being visually appealing to eye-popping. It all depends on the skills and experience a professional has in making things work.

Patios, walkways, fireplaces and the like add unmistakable aesthetic value to a structure. At Childers Construction Group, we understand and believe this to be true without hesitation. Brick siding, pavers and more options are available. Fireplaces are a staple of home life for many Americans and we are big fans of using them to bring more warmth to the special places we occupy. There is something akin to an artist rendering a painting in masonry work. It calls for a strong pair of eyes and hands to accomplish the overarching goal of enhancing spaces where foot traffic and visual stimulation join and together make things literally a sight for all eyes.

Specializing in New Construction & Remodeling

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