Commercial Remodeling

Visit any major city in the United States and it becomes apparent that economic tourism has taken root in a big way. In every direction, you see majestic hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and a whole batch of other attractive qualities associated with urban life. New York City has Times Square, New Orleans boasts the architectural masterpieces in its French Quarter, Little Rock provides a brilliant skyline where a presidential library and museum share space with a burgeoning entertainment district.

What do all these cities share in common? Commercial remodeling, whether due to a natural disaster, fire or initiative to beautify a business sector. It is a fact of life and nature for unexpected events to bring remodeling into the mix for businesses large and small.

All the same, smaller cities, towns and rural areas have much to brag about as well when it comes to commercial development. At Childers Construction Group, we understand how many businesses pride themselves on being part of this physical appearance to current and potential customers and patrons, including those with disabilities. We fulfill the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements to the fullest extent.

Retail structures are clearly one of the most visible facets of a community's well-being. And, they can provide appealing storefronts or office parks whose charm runs the gamut from high-end urbane to Main Street and its charming simplicity. It really depends on what commercial properties are positioned to offer. For instance, if you operate an industrial facility with several hundred employees the priority may be more concentrated on less frills. If you own (or plan to open) a day spa catering mostly to women, the design and décor will likely rely on elegant surroundings. Again, the client is our focus in every part of the project.

Along with the various approaches to construction and completion, we can handle endeavors of any size and demand.

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