Bathroom Remodeling

Let’s face it – bathroom time is not just about hopping in the shower, soaking in a stress-relieving tub or even tending to nature’s call. Each and every day, we spend untold moments in this confined space. Feeling comfortable and pampered is not just a concept found on glitzy home improvement television programs. Everyone deserves the opportunity to close out the world for at least a few minutes of tranquility. At Childers Construction Group, we know exactly what it means to consider a home’s bathrooms as something of an oasis.

Question is, how to begin a remodeling project and what it could entail? Consider some rather obvious factors like tearing down that vintage 1970s wallpaper, replacing fixtures or just giving the space a full makeover. It is important to keep in mind a realistic goal or set of goals when considering remodeling. On top of that, you should certainly think about budgeting for it. Hiring Childers is the best choice to make your bathroom go from “yuck” to “wow.”

Setting priorities is, naturally, an absolute must and nowhere can such focus matter as much than the bathroom. You should decide what the basic ground rules are for getting a project up and going; targeting can be the difference between success and frustration. Failure is just not an option when Childers stands at the ready!

So, let’s say the first thing you and your guests notice is a broken or damaged mirror, vanity and bathtub. It is very hard to overcome the first impression when someone cannot look past the glaringly obvious eyesore(s). Here’s some advice – do your level best to avoid wholesale changes where fixtures are concerned. Costs can quickly mount up. We are here to keep the focus where it should be. Rely on our experience to find what you really need (and want) so the remodeling is able to forge ahead confidently. Whether you have a new paint job in mind, or replacing existing countertops, it cannot be emphasized enough to be prepared for alterations, etc..

Finally, allow yourself to be open to new ideas while maintaining the overall focus of the remodel. Size and scope matter a great deal. The same is true for the budget and a time table for seeing things through to completion. It may seem like a cliché, but turning to Childers will be the best call (or email) you can make!

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